How to troubleshoot Bunn Cappuccino Machines- Try These Five Simple Tips

June 12th, 2013

Are you getting grounds in your coffee? Is the machine not heating properly? Is the pump not working at all? No machine guarantees that it will perform forever without any issues. Even after years of properly using the commercial Bunn Cappuccino machines, things can go wrong depending on how well you take care of the machine. It is actually not about the brand only. All major cappuccino machines can give you the same problems if you do not care and maintain them properly.


Here is how to solve five problems with your Bunn Cappuccino machines quickly.

  • If you are experiencing water leaking from your coffee pot, you should clean the gasket properly so that it does not leak water. Coffee ground deposits on the gasket can damage its sealing and cause water to pour and leak inside.
  • If the water is not heating properly in your Bunn cappuccino machine then check the solenoid valve. Clean the valve and wipe it to remove any blockages.
  • A major problem arises when the pump does not work and as a result, the brewing does not start. If you are facing such a problem, you should contact the manufacturer.
  • One easy fix is to make certain that the max line is adjusted to the appropriate water level.
  • Finally, if you find it hard to assemble the cappuccino machine the Bunn customer service agents are there for you to consult for assistance.

Keep your machine clear and maintain it with care properly and regularly. If you find any problem there will always be a solution for it. Enjoy your Bunn cappuccino machine!


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